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Screenshot Single player
Released: No

Survive is a singleplayer modification for Half-Life 2, which is one of the most successful first person shooter games in the world and won more than 50 awards â Game of the yearâ . Тhe time in which Survive takes part is between Half-Life 2 and Episode 1 while Freeman (the main hero) is in a state called â stasisâ . In this state he is not alive or dead, or awake, or asleep, he is just standing by for the next task that the mysterious G-Man can assign to him. All that you will see in the game is a work of the imagination of Freeman, his worst fears and nightmares. You will pass through all available variations of this genre, bloody battles, complicated puzzles, stealth missions, dynamic levels with cars and boats and many others. The action takes place in Eastern Europe and more precisely in Bulgaria. All kind of things, from the panel blocks, to the Bulgarian beer bottles, which will roll in your feet, will remind you about the fact that you are in Bulgaria. You will be able to use specific for that region weapons, like Makarov pistol, Dragunov sniper and many others, manufactured in Bulgaria. Of course that you will not drive the well known buggy, you will drive one ordinary LADA.